There are wide ranges of health conditions that can be treated effectively with physical therapy. These include:

Neck Strains
Back Pain
Shoulder Conditions
Elbow Conditions
Knee Conditions
Hip Conditions
Leg Conditions
Foot Conditions
Spinal Injuries
Joint Conditions
Carpal Tunnel
Parkinson’s Disease

Physical therapy is often prescribed as a post-surgical treatment to help patients recover following surgery. In addition, PT is sometimes used in conjunction with other non-surgical treatments to improve certain health conditions without the need for a major medical procedure.

What is Mobile Physical Therapy Care?

​Mobile physical therapy offers several potential advantages, and many patients can significantly benefit from it. Physical therapy is critical for patients recovering from sports injuries, surgeries, or to effectively manage an ongoing health condition. Until recently, it was only available in hospitals, clinics, and other similar facilities. Today, Therapaedic Physical Therapy, LLC are offering mobile services, allowing patients to obtain their therapy from the comfort of their own home, office, or sports venue.

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Physical Therapy, LLC

Therapaedic Physical Therapist  are licensed and trained to evaluate and treat physical dysfunctions related to an injury, disease, disability, or similar health condition. The goal of the therapy is to restore and maintain proper physical function and mobility, allowing the patient the ability to resume the physical activities that you was involved with prior to developing the health challenge being treated. In recent years, mobile physical therapy is becoming a popular option for patients in need of therapy.

Save Time and Money: Some patients are busy with work, caring for kids, or other obligations, and do not have time to leave what they are doing. Therapaedic Mobile services bring the therapist to you, so you can receive your treatment and get right back to what you are already doing. You can also save money on the cost of driving to and from the facility. It is often hard to put a price on the time we are able to save to be more productive or stay home with loved ones who need our care.

Mobile Physical Therapy Care

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Other Advantages to Mobile/In Home Physical Therapy

We Value Your Time

No more waiting room delays for your appointments

Undivided Attention

You’ll always have one-on-one attention by your therapist and never have to share your PT as you often would at an outpatient clinic

Personalized Care

By working in your home, we can tailor your program to the specific challenges you face day to day

No Prescription Needed to Get Started
We can evaluate you and get treatment started without a physician’s prescription. We will send the plan of care to the doctor along with regular updates for their certification.

Enjoy exercising in the comfort of your own home

You’ll never have to worry about arranging transportation for your appointments since we come right to you

We're Mobile
We can visit you in a variety of locations that include at your home, assisted living facility or other community setting